Mike Nanney, Sr.
Mike Nanney, Sr.
Year: 2018
Sport: Men's Basketball

A 1966 graduate of IJC, Mike Nanney Sr. earned both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Mississippi State University.

At IJC, he played basketball for Coach Buster Davis. He served as coach and teacher at Tremont High School, Alcorn Central High School and Itawamba Agricultural High School and principal at Fulton Junior High School.

Nanney’s honors include IAHS District I Boys Championship (1978) and runner up in 1979, IAHS District I Girls Championship (1981-82), Tremont District Championship (girls – 1969), Alcorn Central High School Boys – Tippamingo Championship (1974-75), Tippamingo Coach of the Year and four terms as alderman for the City of Fulton, including current service.

He and his wife, Sandra, have two children.